Curtains often hang for many years unnoticed that they are gathering an array of dust mites and other microbiology. Curtains often act as air filters trapping dust, hair, smoke, odors, etc which can passing on allergens that can cause all sorts of problems for sensitive skin, eczema sufferers, dermatitis suffers and asthmatics, etc. Getting a professional clean  will help to reduce dust build up and hence inhibit nasty allergens in your home or office.


Just take your curtain and other fabric fittings along to River Dry Cleaners and we will do all we can to return a fresh smelling allergen free drape to you which is guaranteed to brighten up your home or office.If your curtains show signs of dirt, stains, mildew, grime, smoke or have a “funny” smell,that’s the time for your curtains to be cleaned.


Our curtain cleaning process ensures that we:

All the hook has been removed & kept safely to hang again after cleaning

Use our powerful vacuum to remove all the loose dust

Spot clean the item which helps to ensure that during the cleaning process embedded dust  And stain removed to highest quality .

Dry or wet clean your curtain according to manufacturer’s instructions and our specialist  knowledge of fabrics making sure to use the right balance of cleaning solutions and solvents to suit the individual curtain and fabric fittings.

Then, once cleaned, we press, hang, (without folding); to keep them crease and wrinkle free and package your curtain to protect them from dust and dust mites ready for you to use.

Please note: curtains are often made with a lining and the lining is usually made of a different type of fabric to the rest of the drape. The lining is usually always the part of the curtain that endures the most sunlight and as such is most likely to become discoloured, stained or in some extreme cases; disintegrated. River Dry Cleaners are not able to repair those types of damage through its cleaning process.