Leather, Fur & Suede


Leather and suede garments are an investment which should be cleaned by skilled professionals. Routine cleaning is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather products. A complete cleaning twice a year, followed by a conditioner and protectant, will maintain the finish and increase durability.

A crucial part of successful leather cleaning is the removal of oil stains and residues such as those found on collars. Part of the removal process involves the loss of natural oils. These oils must be replaced.

At River  Dry Cleaners, we contract with the most up-to-date service in London to handle the most difficult stain removal and color restoration possible. Athletic jacket, coat, vest, skirt,trousers, fur, and shearling are cleaned, re-oiled and refinished. Our professional leather care specialists also include the careful restoration of colour and texture that can be lost as a natural consequence of the cleaning process.Repairs as simple as button replacement to re-hemming, patching or any amendments  and complete relining are also available.